I heart Farro

And it is all because of a certain salad from Whole Foods. Last Spring I popped into Whole Foods at least three times a week to pick up some groceries which translates into grabbing some sustainable fish and a serving or two of their Farro Salad with Mint and Green Peas from the cold bar.

Since Spring peeked its head out a few weeks back, I’ve been stalking the Whole Foods bar like a crook casing a jewelry store only to find out from one of the chefs that this salad won’t be back in rotation until May. MAY!?!?!? That seems so far away.

So I decided to try to recreate it by mixing one cup cooked farro with one-third cup of spring peas. Then I tossed it with one tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, and some freshly minced mint. It was close but something is missing. Feel free to experiment with this and I’ll post a real recipe one I get it right!

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